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    The Immunize Europe Forum belongs to you, its users. Many professionals in the field of immunization have voiced the need to share information, resources and lessons learnt among their peers. This space is provided for this purpose by the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The views expressed here are those of the content providers and not WHO.

    This Forum is moderated, and any posts considered to be unlawful, defamatory, obscene, threatening, offensive, harmful or otherwise objectionable will be removed. For further information please read the site’s Principles and terms of use.

    Why create an Immunize Europe Forum?

    For over five years, the European Immunization Week (EIW) campaign website has served stakeholders throughout Europe as a place to share resources, plans and outcomes related to the annual EIW campaign.

    But the need to share information does not stop there. It continues throughout the year and encompasses a broad range of immunization-related topics. The new Immunize Europe Forum is designed to meet this need.

    All individuals interested in promoting immunization through their work or volunteer activities are encouraged to join, interact, share experiences, resources and lessons learned. The Forum is yours and its content is yours to create. Your peers are eager to hear from you!

    Edited by WHO/Europe

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