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"A Shot in the Arm" to Great Learning; Vaccines Comics

Dr. Susan Nasif
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"A shot in the Arm" to great Learning: Vaccines Comics

“The exponential increase in health-related online platforms has made the Internet one of the main sources of health information worldwide. However, online communities with greater freedom of speech have, regretfully, become a powerful platform for anti-vaccine voices and the sharing of defective medical information. Health communicators and medical institutions need to step up their activity on digital and paper publications. This responsibility for doctors, nurses, medical students and officers has not yet been taken as seriously as it should be” (quote).

Therefore, the main objective of Cimaza Comics, winner of the Science Hero Award in 2015, is to raise public awareness, to inform about routes to prevent the transmission of viral diseases, and to provide basic knowledge and guidelines for doctors and patients in an easy, enjoyable, inspirational, and informative way, both in print and via digital social media channels. At Cimaza, we have chosen to apply comics and fine art to covey this message of utmost importance”.

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