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    The use of infographics and data representation is a key in increasing understanding and absorbence of information. Visual representations are highly impactful and represent information using quick, colorful, and to the point data. No matter the occupational field, infographics could be used to increase not only comprehension but also the range of users that are effectively reached. No graphic design experience necessary. Below are some free (with paid upgrades available) and easy (so they say) infographic customization venues I have found with great user reviews. Piktochart- https://piktochart.com/ Venngage https://venngage.com/ Canva- https://about.canva.com/ Visme- http://www.visme.co/ Easel.ly- http://www.easel.ly/ Infogr.am- https://infogr.am/ Below are popular data visualization tools that are a little more complex but widely used. Tableau- https://www.tableau.com/ Datawrapper- https://www.datawrapper.de/ Graphiq- https://www.graphiq.com/ Google maps is not only used as a directional tool, but can also represent geographical data. See its possible uses here (https://support.google.com/maps/?hl=en#topic=3092425) Do you have any tips, critiques and experience to add that will help others get started or avoid pitfalls?