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  1. Press Release - European Immunization Week 2018 The Romanian Association for Pediatric Education in Family Medicine, Coltea Clinical Hospital and Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases "Dr. Victor Babeş ", in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall, the Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services Bucharest and the College of Physicians in Bucharest, organized an event dedicated to the European Vaccination Week. The goal of the European Immunization Week 2018 is to support progress towards a European region without vaccine-preventable diseases by raising civil society awareness of the importance of vaccination as an individual right and a shared social responsibility. "Vaccination is a fundamental right to life for every human being. In order to ensure the protection of a child, vaccination is carried out in the first period of life when the child is extremely vulnerable to illness and the severity of the infection can leave him / her invalid for life or kill him / her. Children cannot decide for their lives. Parents are afraid of what they do not know, or actions that have the consequence of wrong information taken from questionable sources. A properly informed parent by the medical staff is a parent who can make the right decisions for his or her child's health. AREPMF promote a real partnership between parents and doctors - the only way to protect and enhance healthy babies and stronger generations, "said Dr. Valeria Herdea, president of AREPMF Vaccine Advocacy Group. Dr. Turkes Ablachim, Deputy General Manager of the Administration of Hospitals and Medical Services in Bucharest (ASSMB), said: "The importance of health education in vaccination must startn the early pre- school age and information must be taken from controlled sources, scientifically documented. It is important for the parents to understand that the vaccination is essential to child's health and at the same time they need to know the high risk of disease for short and long term. " In the last years, new vaccines have emerged that can also provide protection for certain types of cancer. Romania has an increased incidence of cervical cancer, a condition whose main cause is HPV infection. "International statistics show that vaccine coverage for HPV infection in Romania is below 5%. Unfortunately, according to the National Institute of Public Health in Romania, cervical cancer is the first cause of mortality among young women aged between 15 and 44 years, "said Professor Cătălina Poiană, President of the College of Physicians Bucharest Municipality (CMMB) Every year we lose 1900 women from 4350 new cases of infection all around the country. "Vaccination is a lifetime investment in health and well-being of children. Due to vaccines, most children and adults from the European region are immune to measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus and poliomyelitis, B hepatitis. Immunization is a right and a responsibility in the same time. Everyone deserves to be protected from preventable diseases by vaccination and plays a vital role in protecting others by choosing to vaccinate themselves, "said Dr. Raluca Ghionaru, AREPMF Regional Coordinator, Vaccine Advocacy Group. According to the National Center for Communicable Disease Surveillance and Control (CNSCBT), until April 20, 12,368 measles cases were recorded at national level, of which 49 deaths. Only 181 new cases of measles from 19 counties and Bucharest were confirmed last week. The measles epidemic comes in the context in which, in recent years, the vaccination rate has been in a downward trend. Thus, in 2016, according to National Health Institute (INSP), at national level, vaccine coverage with for MMR vaccine was 87.1% (dose I) and 74.5% (dose II). For this vaccine, the World Health Organization's target is over 95%. Also, in the influenza season 2017-2018, until 19 April, over 1,700 cases of influenza and 124 deaths because of the flu severe complications were confirmed. Most deaths were recorded in unvaccinated people, according to CNSCBT data. Vaccine Advocacy Team Romanian Association for Pediatric Education in Family Medicine (AREPMF) 23 april 2018, Bucharest, Romania The Romanian Association for Pediatric Education in Family Medicine (AREPMF) is a professional and scientific, national organization dedicated to the promotion and development of pediatric practice within the family medicine specialty in Romania. The purpose of AREPMF is educational and scientific one, in order to develop and increase the professional performance in pediatric practice of family doctors. The promotion of health education, with a focus on the health of children and young people in Romania, is based on two strong pillars to develop and strengthen interpersonal relationships, which in fact form the basis of family medicine: 1. Updating the medical professional information in the pediatric practice of the family doctor's team (professional pillar for doctors and nurses) 2. Optimizing the family's lifestyle - Educational program "My Family School" (education pillar for family prevention) We published in 2017 "Vaccination dedicated to family doctor", two editions in 2017 and in 2018, we are launching on the occasion of the European Week of Vaccination 2018, "Vaccination dedicated to parents" online. Both resources contain up-to-date information on infectious diseases, vaccine prevention, and clear, accessible, accurate, scientifically-based information on vaccines, translate in usual language, easy to understand for any parents even without medical skills. We believe that it will not be possible to achieve a real increase in the vaccine coverage rate, than through the joint effort of medical staff, full support from the Local and Central Administration, Media, Political decedents, so that parents receive accurate information about the vaccine and make informed decisions for the protection of their children's health, the supply of vaccines to be permanent and the Vaccination Benefit Information Campaign a continuous process HerdImmunity_WHO_FINAL_romana.pdf Poster_EIW_WHO_FINAL_romana.pdf