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  1. Flash-mob in City Center of Chisinau On April 28, 2016, with occasion of «European Week of Immunizations", into the Public Garden "Stefan cel Mare" in Chisinau, has continued the initiative group of students, residents of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "N. Testemitanu "and young specialists of the National Center for Public Health, informing about the importance and successes of immunization among the population by means of this logotype " Prevent. Protect. Vaccinate ". The aim was to attract attention of target groups on immunization awareness process and eliminate doubts regarding to vaccination. Most parents, future parents, adults said that the event is welcome because some people are against vaccination and it represents a major threat not only for those who are not vaccinated but also for those vaccinated. The involvement of two actors Republican Puppet Theater "LICURICI" being dressed as measles vaccine and measles virus that was aimed to create a real image for child about the power of vaccine on the virus. The campaign was also organized with the support of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, NCPH, and UNICEF. Prevent. Protect. Immunize.
  2. Public debates "YES or NO to Vaccination” European Immunization Week this year was additionally marked by another important event, public debates "YES or NO to Vaccination”. Diebates were held on 28 April 2016, inside the Scientific Medical Library of Republican Clinical Hospital. Event was supported by State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu", Residents Association in Medicine, World Health Organization and National Center of Public Health. In debates were involved students from Medical University "Nicolae Testemitanu", forming two teams YES and NO. They brought various arguments and relevant data about vaccines and immunizations. The increased knowledge of participants on both sides were noticed by the public and offered good understanding about the importance of vaccines which save lives of children, adolescents and adults. At the end of interactive discussions, audience intervened with various questions to experts in the field. In line with European Immunisation Week were brought messages about the need to continue public vaccination, despite the remarkable and successes records. Prevent. Protect. Immunize
  3. Flash-mob EIW On April 27, 2016, at the Institute of Mother and Child from Chisinau, took place a informing campaign for young mothers, future parents about beneficial role of immunization in child development and the importance of their involvement in promoting this aspect regarding to "European Week of Immunizations". This campaign was organized with the support of the WHO Regional Office for Europe and National Center of Public Health (NCPH). At this event was involved a group of students, residents of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu" and young medical specialists from NCPH who spread the message “Prevent. Protect. Immunize.” to target groups. Thanks to the support provided by WHO, the message captured a higher of attention, because messengers were dressed appropriately shirts, hats with EIW logotype. They disseminated balloons, pens, hats, t-shirts, growth charts and brochures with some of the most important reasons for parents to vaccinate their child. The highlight of the event was the presence of two actors from Republican Puppet Theatre "LICURICI". They were dressed as measles vaccine and measles virus. Their message was one encouraging children, helping them to minimize the fear of vaccination by imitating theirs contact with the vaccine and demonstrating that he can be a good friend. The main goal of message by means of these two actors was to show all children that vaccine is the true fighter who helps to overcome the disease and provide a happy and healthy childhood. Prevent. Protect. Immunize.
  4. Press Club Meeting - European Immunization Week Regarding to the European Immunization Week (EIW), on April 26, 2016 was convened a Press Club Meeting at Centre for Journalism Investigations from Chisinau. The event brought together representatives of the World Health Organization, UNICEF, Ministry of Health, National Center for Public Health, Primary Health Care, bloggers and journalists. The press club was opened by Ms Tatiana Zatîc, head of Primary Health Care in the Ministry of Health, Mr Haris Hajrulahovic, WHO representative and Ms Margarita Tilev, UNICEF representative in Moldova. They mentioned the aim of the European Week of immunization - raise awareness and strengthening everyone's efforts in fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. During speeches were elucidated the main objective of EIW, to eliminate measles and rubella at the European Region, “for example by the end of 2014, more than 30 countries were able to interrupt the transmission of measles and rubella, and the Republic of Moldova is a part of this success: measles virus transmission has been interrupted for 24 months, while rubella - for 12 months”. Mr. Nicolae Furtuna, deputy director of NCPH noted the country's efforts the successes in prevention of infectious diseases through vaccination, also he mentioned the challenges and problems with which is facing the National Immunization Program. At the end of Press Club were initiated discussions with journalists about the cost-effectiveness of immunization programs, adverse reactions to vaccines, the benefits of vaccination etc. The specialists from different departments brought convincing arguments about the safety of vaccines and the importance of immunization throughout life, not just in childhood. Prevent. Protect. Immunized.
  5. In the period of 24-30 April 2016, Republic of Moldova will celebrate EIW to raise awareness of the importance of immunization among parents, children and health care workers. Activities will be conducted by National Centre of Public Health with the help of Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF. The main focus of the progress and challenges is to concerted effort to eliminate measles and rubella, but to not forget about polio eradication. Plan of activities: 1. Open EIW press club conference with involving not only Ministries, WHO, UNICEF and Mass Media, but also with key health bloggers, parents, etc. 2. Activities in community will include 2 big flash mobs with information of population about benefits of immunization and with dissemination of information materials and some little things with the logotype of EIW like an balloon, pen, painting papers,etc. The activities will be held with 2 professional actors that will have an scenario of“Measles and Vaccine”. 3. Public debates on “Anti and Pro Vaccination” organized by Medical University and National Center of Public Health. Debates are open for society and Mass media. 4. Adjusting an vaccination video for including in advertisement on different TV channels and public transport monitors. 5. Elaboration of new posters and brochures for EIW. 6. Interviews in Mass Media about different topics of vaccination. 7. Open official site of Vaccination. 8. Maintaining and update daily facebook page only for vaccine with new information and try to promote it. https://www.facebook.com/vaccinare1/?fref=ts 9. Activities of promotion of Immunization made by regional Public Health Centres and Medical Health Workers. Prevent. Protect. Immunize.
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