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  1. EIW 2018 activities in Ukraine

    21-22 April: Vaccination station at the Gorod professiy (Town of trade- attraction park for children) - Park Shevchenko; UNICEF 23 April: Press conference MOH/PHC- WHO-UNICEF Children Vaccination by MMR- media event with pictures; Parents for Vaccination NGO 24 April; National conference with opinion leaders, WHO 25 April Kyiv Public Health department press conference, and “IPhone virtual reality Feature of Future, Feature of Future without Polio”, Rotary Ukraine and Rotary International 27 April: Forum for opinion leaders from social organisations –conference, UNICEF 23-27 April- Flash mob in Kyiv’c City Schools Webinar on Vaccination with Fedir Lapiy and Zhytomir, Ternopil, Melitopol
  2. Kosovo: Multi-year Immunization plan 2017-2021

    Kosovo: Press conference and presentation of the Multi-year Immunization plan 2017-2021 and data on vaccination coverage for 2015-2016.
  3. National immunisation conference

    Public Health Wales are hosting a National immunisation conference the week before EIW on the 19th April 2018. The conference has national and international experts in the field of vaccination, we will also be promoting #vaccineswork #immunizeEurope follow us on #welshimmsconf
  4. EIW - Information booth in Nuernberg

    Bavarian Immunization Week - Information booth in Nuernberg
  5. Information booth: Munich

    Bavarian Immunization Week - Information booth in Munich.
  6. Round table - Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Banja Luka - Round table with pediatricians, including representatives of the Association of Pediatricians of the Republic of Srpska, infectologists, epidemiologists, and representatives of the Chamber of Doctors of the Republic of Srpska
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