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  1. The Austrian Medical Student's Association is currently working on activities regarding the European Immunization Week 2017. We are trying to find different approaches to this topic. We want to reach parents, teenager, health care workers, medical students, as well as refugees. This is our plan so far: - Teddybearhospital: The Teddybearhospital will take place in the first week of april in Innsbruck. Little children come with their teddybears into the hospital, often accompanied by their parents. There will be an info-booth about vaccination. - Social Media Campaign: We want to create a Pro-Vaccination movement on the Internet for this week in April. People will change their profile picture on facebook or post on twitter or instagram along with a fact about immunization. This will be a national campaign, we also want to work together with medical students from Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. - Pannel discussion: We are working together with the European Law Students Association Innsbruck. We want to discuss topics like the current situation of immunization in Austria, as well as solutions and new approaches. - Information evening for healthcare-workers and medical students on how to approach vaccination scepticals. - We will visit homes for refugees to give information about vaccination and maybe give them a possibility to get vaccinated. - We are also planning on going in schools, to make workshops about immunization. Topics will be: How does vaccination work ? What are the achievements? Why is it important to vaccinate? Who is at risk, if there is an immunization gap ? Our focus will be on measles, as well as HPV. If you have also any activities planned, please do not hesitate to share them with me. Kind regards, Julia Puaschunder
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