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    X Virus (Measles Virus Awareness _ Comic Poster)
  2. I conducted a small study in one rural area in the USA where patients have no-to-low science literacy. Among the elders, neither videos nor texts essays succeeded in withdrawing their interest to learn about viral diseases. BUT a comic book did that and more! To my knowledge, this is the first report on improving health education among old patients using comics. I’d love to see if such results are reproducible elsewhere in EU or the USA …. If someone is interested in making our small sample size bigger, that would be awesome!
  3. CAN YOU DESCRIBE THIS MAP IN ONE WORD? I have been asking this over the Social Media on Tiwtter - LinkedIn ...etc. Answers came as: DISTRUST - DEPRESSING - NO! - .... I'm curious to have more answers for this increasing vaccine hesitancy problem. Thank you, Susan
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