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Found 15 results

  1. Ukraine is among only 14 countries in the WHO European Region where measles and rubella remain endemic. With WHO support, a national conference on measles and rubella elimination held on 21–22 February 2017 in Kyiv.
  2. Videos explaining the measles vaccination recommendations for children and adults. http://www.impfen-info.de/mediathek/filme/

    © Federal Centre for Health Education - Germany

  3. Dear all, Vaccines Today has published a new 1-minute animated video highlighting the importance of protecting the whole family against vaccine-preventable diseases. The idea is to emphasies 'protection' (which research suggestions is a strong motivator) and to present vaccination as a social norm - something families do to protect their loved ones, just like wearing a seatbelt or a cycle helmet. This is the first of a series we are making which will feature the characters shown in this video. We want to highlight vaccination at all ages so we plan to make video focusing on the children, the grandmother, the adolescent...the mother might even become pregnant at some point! And we even showed the dog getting his vaccines Please share and reuse. If anyone wants a version without the English voiceover let me know. I have already shared a language-neutral version with an Italian colleague who plans to add an Italian voice-over. Email me directly on finnegag_at_gmail.com and I'll send the video and script.
  4. Some people hesitate when it’s time to for their children to have their recommended vaccines, afraid of regretting the decision. But regret can go both ways: opting out of immunisation is much more likely to lead to negative outcomes. This TED talk, leading medical journalist Tara Haelle unpacks the cognitive biases behind decision-making and discusses the challenges parents face when making decisions for their children. Haelle, author of The Informed Parent, offers her own experience of turning down a vaccine for her son and explains how her research led her to become an advocate for vaccination. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ggtkzkoI3eM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Read our interview with Tara about her book that offers parents evidence-based advice on everything from birth and feeding to sleep training and immunisation. http://www.vaccinestoday.eu/vaccines/why-parents-fear-vaccines-and-why-they-shouldnt/ http://www.vaccinestoday.eu/vaccines/new-book-helps-parents-make-informed-choices/
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