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Gary Finnegan

New book helps parents make informed choices

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Two US-based medical writers have put together a new book that answers common parenting questions in an evidence-based way. One of the topics they take on is vaccination and they offer a thorough but concise run-through of the evidence in favour of vaccination - while addressing many of the common questions that prompt some to hesitate when it comes time to vaccinate. 

Read an interview here or Google to find out more

I think this is a particularly useful setting in which to communicate about vaccines. Parents find good quality information from science writers who are also parents. The underlying message I get is that research has been done on lots of the common issues parents face - breastfeeding, sleeping, language development and vaccination - and the evidence is generally pretty clear: breastfeeding is preferable where possible, vaccination is almost always the right option...sleep training is still pretty hard :) 

As someone who writes about vaccination for a site which is almost all about vaccines (Vaccines Today) it makes me wonder how we can embed our articles in a broader context. For example, are there parenting or child health or healthy ageing websites that could repackage some of the articles and videos we have? 

Suggestions welcome!



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