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James Brown

Health Worker Flu Campaigns - #JabDone campaign

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This is the first year that NHS Trusts and Councils across the city region have agreed to come together to pool resources and budgets to collaborate on a region-wide internal communications campaign for the flu season.

The campaign will be used by a large number of NHS Trusts across the region, including acute hospital trusts, community health trusts, and specialist hospital trusts.

The aim is to deliver a coordinated consistent campaign for all health care workers (approximately 50,000) across a large geographical area and for organisations to share resources and learning.  The other aim is to help keep delivery costs low. 

The #JabDone campaign takes a light-hearted, almost sarcastic tone, with simple bold colours and messages.  The campaign materials we tested on over 250 staff to provide feedback and development options.  It is due to launch in October 2016. 



The NHS has good levels of take up for flu vaccinations amongst patients, but encouraging staff to be immunised in order to protect their patients can be more challenging. The flu vaccine is currently recommended, but non-mandatory for all NHS staff, but this year each NHS Trust is targeted with achieving 75% immunisation of all frontline, clinical staff this year by 31 December 2016.

The aim

To develop a joint creative, effective, but low cost, internal staff flu campaign that will help encourage NHS staff to have the flu jab, in order to protect themselves, their patients and their colleagues from infection during autumn/winter 2016/17.

Campaign objectives

  • To increase staff awareness of the importance of being immunised to protect themselves, their colleagues and their patients from the flu.

  • To communicate this message in a positive way that will engage a large and diverse workforce – reaching everyone from doctors and nurses to hospital porters and cleaners. 

  • To support frontline staff take-up of the offer of the free flu jab and help each Trust achieve the 75% target.

  • To provide a degree of flexibility so that each Trust can tailor messages for their workforce as required.


  • Health care workers in a wide range of frontline roles - particularly frontline staff in clinical healthcare roles with direct patient contact who directly impact upon each Trust achieving its 75% target

  • Staff in a variety of different healthcare environments - including hospital settings, community clinics, GP practices, care homes, or in patients own homes.

  • Staff in back office/corporate functions & support services - will also be invited to be immunised since this can positively impact on patient/staff health. However, they are a lower priority than frontline clinical staff as they do not count towards the 75% target for NHS Trusts.


Behavioural Insights

Previous insight into out target audience groups has highlighted that:

  • NHS staff do not want to feel guilt-tripped or coerced into having the flu vaccination and don’t respond well to a top down, didactic approach. The campaign will therefore need to encourage and support staff with staff in a more positive way.
  • Personal motives/reasons for having the vaccination are a big driver for many staff to have the vaccination eg. pregnancy, ill children/relatives, or duty of care for their vulnerable patients.

  • Some staff still believe common myths & misconceptions about the flu vaccination which can make them resistant to having it, such as it being ineffective, that they’ve never had flu before so don’t need it, or that the vaccination can make you ill.

  • Some NHS staff feel a strong sense of ‘change fatigue’ at the moment and resisting the flu vaccination could be seen as a way of exercising personal control for some staff members.

  • Some NHS staff aren’t opposed to getting it, but are ‘harder to reach’ eg. night shift  staff, community based teams often miss out on vaccination sessions taking place so making access easy is critical.

  • Highlighting that people can be carriers of the flu virus and pass it onto their patients without actually having the symptoms themselves has also had some impact as many staff still aren’t aware of this factor.

  • Herd mentality/peer influence has also been found to have a significant impact amongst NHS staff.


Key Channels and tactics

The main channels used to communicate with staff across the organisation include:

  • A4/A3/A2 posters – for use across a number of NHS trust staff sites

  • Digital image/screensaver for use on staff computers and mobile devices

  • Postcard/flyer which will be attached to all staff payslips

  • Digital banner adverts

  • Social media campaign concepts


Approximately £500 per Trust (plus additional print costs depending on each organisations requirements). 

Staff Flu Campaign 2016.pdf

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