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Dr. Michail Okoliyski

Flu Awareness Campaign 2016 in Bulgaria

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A press conference for Information campaign for prevention of influenza among medical professionals in Bulgaria was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on the 20th of October 2016. National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria jointly with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and with the support of the office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Bulgaria organize a discussion on the occasion organized an information campaign for the prevention of influenza among medical professionals in Bulgaria. Dr. Angel Kunchev, State Sanitary Inspector, Assoc. Prof. Lubomir Kirov, Chief of the National Association of General Practitioners in Bulgaria, Dr. Michail Okoliyski, Head of the WHO Country Office in Bulgaria  and other leading professionals discussed the importance of the flu vaccinnation for the public health. The posters for the FAC 2016 and the broshures were translated in Bulgarian and were distributed to the 28 Regional Health Inspectorates. The media coverage and the interest toward the opic were great. There were more than 20 publications related to the efforts of the experts.

You can follow the whole press conference and the discussion here:


Press MOH WHO.jpg



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