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World Meningitis Day is celebrated at the very beginning of Global immunization week, on the 24th of April each year and aims to raise awareness of meningitis and its symptoms as well as increasing the knowledge of available vaccines.

This year, the theme is: ‘24 Hours – Trust your Instincts’.


World Meningitis Day is a great opportunity for people all over the world to raise their voices against meningitis, through telling patient stories, being active on social media and holding awareness events.


How can you or your organisation get involved?

 1.     Share resources from our World Meningitis Day toolkit, which contains infographics on the symptoms of meningitis, fact sheets, animated videos and key graphics. To reach the maximum number of people possible, some of these resources are translated into 7 languages.


2.     Add your voice to our Voices Against Meningitis Video by sending in a short video of yourself, a friend or colleague answering our 3 questions on the importance of meningitis awareness to be featured in our video on World Meningitis Day.

3.     Write a blog for World Meningitis Day, we will be sharing blogs from other organisations during the campaign to boost awareness of the disease, email Lucy if you have an idea for a blog you’d like to discuss.

For more information on World Meningitis Day and the activities happening around the world please email Lucy Swain: lucy.swain@comomeningitis.org



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