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    • 21 Apr 2018 Until 27 Apr 2018
      21-22 April: Vaccination station at the Gorod professiy (Town of trade- attraction park for children)  - Park Shevchenko; UNICEF 23 April: Press conference MOH/PHC- WHO-UNICEF  Children Vaccination by MMR- media event with pictures; Parents for Vaccination NGO 24 April; National conference with opinion leaders, WHO 25 April Kyiv Public Health department press conference, and “IPhone virtual reality Feature of Future, Feature of Future without Polio”, Rotary Ukraine and Rotary International 27 April: Forum for opinion leaders from social organisations –conference, UNICEF 23-27 April- Flash mob in Kyiv’c City Schools Webinar on Vaccination with Fedir Lapiy and Zhytomir, Ternopil, Melitopol
    • 23 Apr 2018 Until 29 Apr 2018
      Activities by country as of 19 April:   
      Information for the public and enforcement of opportunistic vaccination among GPs and pediatricians during EIW. Azerbaijan        
      All health facilities in Azerbaijan will do catch-up vaccination as per National Immunization Schedule vaccinating children who due to various reasons were not vaccinated in time            Belarus
      Press-conference for Media representatives, supervisory visits in 15 districts in order to improve vaccination coverage, Printing and distribution of informational and advocacy materials (posters, national Calendar of immunizations, etc.), Round table meetings and conferences in cities and districts of the country Bosnia and Herzegovina        
      "Mostar - education workshop for pediatricians, epidemiologists, infectologists and family medicine specialists, whose work is related to the immunization of children in the FBiH 26-27 of April (based on last year's success) Press conference Banja Luka 12-13 April: education workshop for pediatricians, epidemiologists, infectologists and family medicine specialists, whose work is related to the immunization of children in the Republic of Srpska Banja Luka 25-26 April a round table (or workshop) with pediatricians, including representatives of the Association of Pediatricians of the Republic of Srpska, infectologists, epidemiologists, and representatives of the Chamber of Doctors of the Republic of Srpska. EIW materials produced and distributed.            Denmark
      The Danish Health Authority, Statens Serum Institut and the Danish Medicines Agency are publishing a yearly report on the Danish Childhood Vaccination Programme. Georgia
      EIW materials produced and distributed. Germany        
      5th Bavarian Immunization Week, focus: the health and well-being of the family, in particular newborns, through immunization ("Impfen rund um die junge Familie" und "Kokonschutz des Neugeborenen")            Banner reading ""Lassen Sie sich impfen. Ihr Schutz ist sein Schutz"" (trans. ""Get vaccinated. Your protection is his protection"") distributed to all pharmacies through the Bavarian Association of Pharmacies Organisation of information booths: Munich (25.4. 10:45-18:00 h), Nuernberg (28.4. 10:00-17:00 h) Press event with Minister Huml; participation of LAGI representatives as well as official representatives of other vaccination-related associations Publications: Special series of articles dedicated to EIW in the ""Bayerisches Aerzteblatt"" Media campaign in all of Bavaria: banner will be visible not only in pharmacies, but also on screens in numerous public spaces (e.g. train stations); Flyer currently being created for the Bavarian Immunization Week; will be available at: www.bestellen.bayern.de All Bavarian health agencies will be actively participating in spreading the importance of vaccination Hungary        
      Video and photographic materials for the public campaign use. Social media campaign. Activities organized by medical students across four medical universities. Information sheets on vaccines for circulation and use among visitors of health centres in Hungary. Liaise with opinion-makers and health celebrities who join the EIW campaign EIW materials produced and distributed. Israel        
      Online chat about immunization with Prof. Shai Ashkenazi, Chair of the Israeli Pediatric Association Media messages from the Ministry's spokesman to the public and professional community"            Social media posts providing up-to-date information in Israel's high coverage rate etc. Kyrgyzstan        
      Activities of Primary Health Care (PHC) services and conducted through PHC health workers at Family Medicine Centres (FMC), Family Doctor groups(FDG) and maternity houses within the hospitals: with designated rooms and vaccines are administered by personnel with relevant and valid certificates            Republican Center of Immune - prophylaxis to conduct several social mobilization and information raising activities in Bishkek and Chui region with involvement of local community organization “moms for immunization” and a volleyball completion will be organized in one selected district of Chui region with involvement of the local administration Latvia        
      Health promotion activities at PHC level are conducted through Cabinets on health promotion (CHP) of the Republican center for health promotion (RCHP) and they play active role in health promotion activities including immunization; health promotion activities will be organized and conducted by the Republican Health promotion Center in all 7 regions (including Bishkek city) of the country to raise awareness about immunization under the EIW slogan            Monitoring visits to all regions by staff of RCI will be conducted with dual goals to promote immunization and inform about forthcoming introduction of new vaccines and to monitor EIW activities at each of the regions organized by local health administrations and health staff. Flesh mob activity in Bishkek is intended to raise attention and information of the population and particularly young population in one of main Shopping malls of Bishkek – “Bishkek park” where parents with children and a lot of young people usually spend leisure time.  Lithuania        
      Awareness raising campaign, social mobilization and other relevant activities Luxembourg        
      The Ministry of health and Head of Financial Department in agreement with Dr Gorin, deputy minister of health, Chief Sanitary doctor proposed to conduct Round table meeting with participation of high and mid-level staff of the Ministry of health and Ministry of finance (raise awareness in the financial sector)            Press clinic TFYR Macedonia        
      Large awareness-raising campaign            Republic of Moldova        
      4 testimonial videos and will share in online world and mass-media platforms develop a peer to peer communication paper on how to communicate with parents and children at the vaccination sessions new website designated only for vaccination. New collaboration with the biggest community of the parents in online world is bringing new achievements in terms of communication; interest in our collaboration by giving live stream on their page, so we can reach their almost 20 thousands of parents. Live stream will consist of three or four experts in immunization and clinic who will respond to online question of the parents; 2 animated videos on two topics: how is working a vaccine; which are components of 6 infographics on most important myths and question about immunization Debates with medical students Monaco
      Press release focused on immunization of children  Poland
      EIW conference by National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene for 120 participants            
      EIW materials produced and distributed. Romania
      Preparatory workshop for the MMR enhanced immunization campaign MoH is planning in Eastern counties of Romania with focus on vulnerable communities with low coverage.  Tajikistan         
      Promote resource mobilization efforts for procurement of vaccines and the increase of social awareness on benefits of vaccination round-table meetings at national and regional levels. The list of participants at national and regional level will include representatives from the system of Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan, international organizations operating in the country, mass media, local authorities and other related organizations. TV spot on immunization, distribution of leaflets, stickers, booklets, T-shirt and caps with EIW logos United Kingdom of Great Britain
      Wales: Public Health Wales are hosting a National immunisation conference the week before EIW on the 19th April 2018.  Our conference has national and international experts in the field of vaccination, we will also be promoting  #vaccineswork #immunizeEurope follow us on #welshimmsconf Uzbekistan
      3 radio spots (30”) with participation of celebrities/influencers TV show “Markazda Bolalar”, special April edition on WIW-2018 Radio Show “Mening Bolam” special April edition on WIW-2018 TV show on importance of vaccination SMS distribution Engagement with public in Ucell offices (country-wide) Engagement with public in the Korzinka.uz chain of supermarkets in Tashkent City Engagement with public in the Macro chain of supermarkets Tashkent City Exclusive material with infographics in Russian   Exclusive material with infographics in Uzbek Orientation session “Media’s Role in Combating Anti - vaccination Movements” (working title) on stories and interviews Human interest story Story on the current activities on cold chain or other technical area 3 Questions with a celebrity/influencer 3 Questions with WHO and UNICEF Immunization officers                        WHO Regional Office for Europe
      During EIW WHO/Europe will launch high-level statements of support, a new WHO EpiBrief,  WHO EpiData, MR country profiles. All materials are available at www.euro.who.int/eiw2018 Twitter: @WHO_Europe_VPI, @WHO_Europe, @WHO_Europe_Ru Facebook: @WHOEurope WHO Office in Pristina, Kosovo (in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 [1999])
      24 April: press conference and presentation of the Multi-year Immunization plan 2017-2021 and data on vaccination coverage for 2015-2016. European Medicines Agency
      A short video with statements from representatives of our working parties with healthcare professionals and patients on the question: “What gives you confidence in vaccines?” A short statement (in writing) by our Executive Director Guido Rasi to be published on our website 3-4 visuals to be shared via social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) with statements from the video  
    • 24 Apr 2018
      Kosovo: Press conference and presentation of the Multi-year Immunization plan 2017-2021 and data on vaccination coverage for 2015-2016.
    • 25 Apr 2018
      Bavarian Immunization Week - Information booth in Munich.
    • 25 Apr 2018 Until 26 Apr 2018
      Banja Luka - Round table with pediatricians, including representatives of the Association of Pediatricians of the Republic of Srpska, infectologists, epidemiologists, and representatives of the Chamber of Doctors of the Republic of Srpska
    • 28 Apr 2018
      Bavarian Immunization Week - Information booth in Nuernberg
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