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    • 23 Apr 2017 10:00 PM Until 29 Apr 2017 10:00 PM
      This year's European Immunization Week takes place from 24 - 30 April 2017. 
      Below is an overview of the EIW 2017 activities being organized in different countries and regionally. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis. To add your events please write to
      Styria state: Measles immunization campaign in schools focused on students and teachers
      Statement by the European Academy of Paediatrics in the European Journal of Paediatrics
      The Austrian Medical Student's Association is currently working on activities regarding the European Immunization Week 2017 to reach parents, teenagers, health care workers, medical students, as well as refugees.
      Teddybearhospital: The Teddybearhospital will take place in the first week of april in Innsbruck. Little children come with their teddybears into the hospital, often accompanied by their parents. There will be an info-booth about vaccination. Social Media Campaign: We want to create a Pro-Vaccination movement on the Internet for this week in April. People will change their profile picture on facebook or post on twitter or instagram along with a fact about immunization. This will be a national campaign, we also want to work together with medical students from Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands. Pannel discussion: We are working together with the European Law Students Association Innsbruck. We want to discuss topics like the current situation of immunization in Austria, as well as solutions and new approaches. Information evening for healthcare-workers and medical students on how to approach vaccination scepticals. We will visit homes for refugees to give information about vaccination and maybe give them a possibility to get vaccinated. We are also planning on going in schools, to make workshops about immunization. Topics will be: How does vaccination work ? What are the achievements? Why is it important to vaccinate? Who is at risk, if there is an immunization gap ? Our focus will be on measles, as well as HPV. Carinthia
      Long Evening of Vaccination in every "Gesundheitsamt" in Carinthia (Klagenfurt, Villach and 8 more) to give working people easy access to an immunization record check and to get any vaccination they need .
      Development and dissemination of promotion materials
      Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Information materials developed and disseminated 24 April: Joint kick-off meeting organized by health authorities, UNICEF, and WHO Croatia
      Activities include:
      Two symposiums on immunization in Rijeka and Split for healthcare workers. A public forum on immunization in Rijeka open to all interested audiences. On 6 May, there will be a symposium on immunization in Zagreb. An article on immunization on Croatia Institute of Public Health's website,: On 7 April the Croatian Medical Chamber and the Institute of Public Health organized a round table on immunization with a press conference, and published a Declaration on importance of immunization, which received good media coverage. During the EIW, many media appearances on the topic of immunization are scheduled. Croatian Medical Chamber will launch a blog (or facebook page) on vaccination, in which concerns about immunization will be addressed. France
      The city of Nice has set-up an information point on the Promenade du Paillon as well as vaccination clinics in the city’s hospitals. 
      "Deutschland sucht den Impfpass" campaign ( Information material available for public health authorities, schools etc. ( 3-5 May: Health for All congress, Munich ( Georgia
      Press conferences Meeting at the parliament of Georgia (report on state immunization program achievements/activities for 2014-2015) Press releases for agencies and journalists Meeting with Tbilisi Healthcare facility managers and Public health centre representatives to provide information on results, challenges and achievements of the immunization TV and Radio coverage in more than 15 programs on different channels Information and short columns for the information agencies (Interpressnews, Medianews, Ipress and etc.) Social announcement “Protect and vaccinate” on different TV channels for 2 weeks Film (April 20-30, twice a day on TV channel “Pulse”) Web survey April 18-30. Photo and video material placed on the web-page, face book and twitter of the NCDC. Dissemination of information materials Ireland
      @VaccinesToday plans to launch the first in a series of animated videos about life-long immunisation. The preliminary idea - which we will begin developing this month - is to introduce the public to a family and then to have individual 'episodes' to explain some of the vaccine-preventable diseases that affect each. This will also give us a chance to show how protecting one family member from infection could help protect others. 
      Italian Paediatric Society (SIP):  
      availability of experts in vaccine field to answer parents’ questions on vaccination by phone during the EIW; printing and distribution of  EIW 2017 campaign materials in Italian, also incorporated in a special SIP newsletter to all 9000 members; scheduled meetings in schools to discuss the importance of vaccinations; promotion on home page of SIP website ( Kyrgyzstan
      Specialists to support local health staff in preparation and conducting of EIW activities Press conference Roundtable discussion Showing of EIW video on national television Dissemination of printed materials. Montenegro
      24 April: Live broadcast from the Institute for Public Health in major morning TV show. 08:30 CET TV Vijesti, Dr Senad Begic, National immunizations focal point. Subject: introduction to EIW, presenting the activities during the week etc. 25 April: Live broadcast on national radio Radio Crne Gore 1 “Radio ordinacija”, 10:00 CET, dr Milko Joksimović, Institute for Public Health Live broadcast on local radi, Radio Cetinje, 11:00 CET, dr Milko Joksimović, Institute for Public Health 26 April: Live broadcast on local radio, Radio Cetinje, 11:00 CET, dr Milko Joksimović, Institute for Public Health 27 April: Public lecture – Q&A session, With parental association “Roditelji”, 18:00, Playground “Kidsland”, Podgorica, Dr Senad Begic, National immunizations focal point 28 April: Panel discussion “Importance of immunizations”, 10:00, EU INFO Center, WHO Country Office head: Miss Mina Brajović, UNICEF CO Head: Mr Benjamin Perks, Institute for Public Health: Dr Senad Begic, National immunizations focal point Internet portal:  - “School of immunizations”, series of educational texts, made and developed author dr Jovan Raicevic, paediatrician Social media: live feed on FB and twitter on all activities Live feed coverage from lecture and panel discussion: ; #healthUP project Netherlands
      Annual Conference for health workers "Vasteprik-dag",  13 April 2017
      National Conference on vaccinations throughout life for NGOs, parents, seniors, 25 April.
      Republic of Moldova
      26 April: Informal Press Club. Organized by WHO, Ministry of Health, National Center for Public Health, UNICEF, to include participants from national media outlets, the Association of Pediatrics and NGOs 27 April: Debates on immunization and flash mob – “Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy 3 May: Open Door Day – national vaccine storage facility Production and distribution of communication materials Interviews, articles in national press, public service announcements, video, Photo exhibition by UNICEF Romania
      High-level national immunization event
      Press conference will be held on 26 April, jointly with Ministry of Health, Institute of Public Health and WHO. Press kits with WHO promo campaign material will be handed to journalists on USBs. During the week, panels on immunization, supported by WHO, will be organized in 3 towns in South Serbia (in Nis, Leskovac and Vranje) at which epidemiologists will address the public and speak of benefits of immunization. A short report (2.54 min) was aired nationwide on TVB92, which included a statement by WHO Representative, Dr Zsofia Pusztai Ongoing communication activities, including via Country Office Facebook page: Slovenia
      Media: press conference + national and regional press releases General public: several (WHO, ECDC and National Institute of Public Health) materials for on-line communication (infographic, leaflets etc);      Web:  Story on NIPH web page; Twitter (using NIPH profile hashtags #WorldImmunizationWeek, EIW2017 #vaccineswork); Facebook (using NIPH profile), Newsletter NIPH. Switzerland
      During the EIW, there will be following activities:
      Communication with primary care providers:
      Letter to paedriatists Newsletter to gynaecologists E-Mail to contact persons of partner organisations Article in the FOPH Bulletin Article in Paediatrica  Communication with the public:
      Press release 20.04.2017 Adverts (20min, BlickAA, SI, Schweizer Familie, Grosseltern, Illustré, Femina, Marie Claire, Illu Ticinese) Banners (,,,,, Distribution of information via partner organizations Article in FOPH Spectra Tajikistan
      Annual celebration of European Immunization Week (EIW) 2017 under the slogan of “Vaccines work” was launched in Tajikistan on April 24th.
      EIW was commenced by conducting round table at Republican Center of Immunoprophylaxis under the Ministry of Health and Social Protection (MOHSP). Round table was chaired by the First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection Dr. Saida Gairat,  and co-chaired by WHO Representative Dr. Igor Pokanevych and UNICEF Representative Mrs. Lucia Elmi. Other participants of the round table included more than thirty MOHSP staff and representatives of national mass media. The round table served as an excellent forum to advocate for and raise awareness on childhood vaccination and to reinforce the importance of childhood vaccination among parents and caregivers, health care professionals, policy and decision-makers, and the media.
      Celebration of EIW initiative coincided with the preparation process to forthcoming National Days of Supplementary Immunization Activities against measles and rubella planned for May, 2017.
      The event was widely broadcasted on national and regional TV channels; volunteers had been disseminating EIC materials with reinforcing messages on importance of timely immunization among children in capital Dushanbe and Regional centers of the country.
       Vaccination awareness raising activities among the healthcare workers and the general population have been carried out in all provinces.  Billboards and online posters developed by the Ministry of Health. Ukraine
      Social survey on immunization among parents, flash mob, online promotion (Facebook, vKontant, You Tube), press conference
      United Kingdom
      25-26 April: National Immunisation conference  Wales
      4 May:  14th Immunisation Conference
      Key note speech by Dr Frank Atherton, Chief Medical Officer for Wales. The programme includes international and national expert speakers on varicella vaccines, children’s flu, effectiveness of Meningococcal B vaccine, parental attitudes to vaccines, timeliness of pertussis vaccination, as well as a hot topics section showcasing immunisation initiatives in Wales. European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) 
      During EIW ECDC will launch new data on measles and rubella in EU/EEA countries and an updated info-graphic on measles. ECDC will also publish a Survey report on Immunization information Systems in the EU/EEA member states and graphic visualizations of the data. In addition, a catalogue of interventions addressing vaccine hesitancy will be launched. It showcases examples of practices that can serve as a bank of ideas and be adapted according to national and local needs and strategies.
      All materials will be available at:
      Follow @ECDC_VPD on twitter for updates
      WHO Regional Office for Europe
      During EIW WHO/Europe will launch high-level statements of support, a new series of WHO EpiBrief, personal stories related to vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization, and information materials on HPV vaccination. 
      All materials are available at
      Twitter: @WHO_Europe_VPI, @WHO_Europe, @WHO_Europe_Ru
      Facebook: @WHOEurope
      WHO Office in Pristina, Kosovo (in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 [1999]) 
      24 April: press conference and presentation of the Multi-year Immunization plan 2017-2021 and data on vaccination coverage for 2015-2016.
    • 22 May 2017 10:00 PM Until 26 May 2017 10:00 PM
      "We are looking forward to an outstanding programme featuring exciting and interesting plenary sessions in Dengue & Zika epidemics, evolutionary biology & microbiology, HIV cure for children and the latest in vaccine research & implementation. These will be complemented by a exceptional schedule of symposia sessions in Group A Strep, Tuberculosis, congenital infections, infections in the oncology child, antimicrobial stewardship, vaccines, diagnosis through host response and many more..."
      Find out more on:
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