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Why create an Immunize Europe Forum?

For over five years, the European Immunization Week (EIW) campaign website has served stakeholders throughout Europe as a place to share resources, plans and outcomes related to the annual EIW campaign.

But the need to share information does not stop there. It continues throughout the year and encompasses a broad range of immunization-related topics. The new Immunize Europe Forum is designed to meet this need.

All individuals interested in promoting immunization through their work or volunteer activities are encouraged to join, interact, share experiences, resources and lessons learned. The Forum is yours and its content is yours to create. Your peers are eager to hear from you!  

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 Immunize Europe: A Multi-Pronged Approach to Vaccine Equity and Coverage

The "Immunize Europe" initiative emphasizes the critical role of vaccination programs in public health by promoting widespread vaccination and achieving herd immunity. This blog post explores the scientific basis of immunization and the strategies employed by "Immunize Europe" to address concerns about vaccines and ensure all populations across Europe have access to them.

How Vaccines Work

Vaccination is a preventive measure. Vaccines expose the immune system to a weakened or inactive form of a pathogen or its components. This triggers the immune response, leading to the development of memory B and T lymphocytes. If a person encounters the actual pathogen later, these memory cells can quickly launch a targeted immune attack, effectively preventing disease.

Strategies of Immunize Europe

"Immunize Europe" focuses on several key strategies to optimize vaccination efforts:

  • Strengthening Vaccination Programs: Ensuring essential vaccines are available, maintaining a robust cold chain for storage and transport, and implementing efficient delivery systems are crucial aspects.
  • Addressing Concerns about Vaccines: Countering misinformation and promoting communication based on scientific evidence is essential to address concerns about vaccines and build public confidence.
  • Promoting Equity in Vaccination: "Immunize Europe" works to identify and address disparities in vaccination coverage across different populations and regions. This may involve targeted outreach programs and tackling social determinants of health that impact access to vaccination.
  • Vaccination Throughout Life: The initiative emphasizes the importance of vaccination from infancy to adulthood. This ensures continued protection against vaccine-preventable diseases for all age groups.